Applied Sport Technology


Athlete monitoring has become an integral component of total athlete preparation. One of the challenges facing practitioners is the plethora of methods and technologies available for monitoring athletes This module aims to provide students with an advanced knowledge and understanding of how to monitor an athletes training program in response to a training stimulus. Students will also gain an understanding of the ‘why’ of athlete monitoring. Develop the ability to integrate monitoring with coaching and performance. How to effectively communicate this information with the coaching team and more importantly with the athletes themselves. One of the fundamental reasons for monitoring athletes is to gauge their progress in response to a training program. Monitoring helps determine the impact of individual training sessions on athletes’ physical performance states and training readiness.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and evaluate the importance of monitoring athletes.

  2. Quantify training stress.

  3. Analyse and interpret the data produced using athlete monitoring based technological systems. 

  4. Critically discuss current monitoring based practices and technologies.

  5. Describe the physiological effects of training stress.

  6. Apply athlete based monitoring strategies for both individual and team based sports.

% Coursework 100%