Parking Permits

How staff and students should apply for a parking permit on the Mayo and Galway campuses

Galway & Mayo Campuses

Permits for 2022/2023 will be available from mid October onwards. 


Permit Display and Vehicle Registration

Permits are virtual and do not require the display of documentation.

Vehicle registrations are checked for proof of permit, so it is important to ensure your registration is identical to your application. 

Where submitting multiple registrations, please ensure your protected vehicle is the one in use. 

ATU/APCOA are not responsible for errors in application or ensuring accounts are accurate.


Collection and Use of Personal Information

ATU retains the services of a car park management company at the Galway and Mayo campuses.

On behalf of ATU, the car park management company collects and stores the following information for students and staff who apply for a parking permit:

  • Applicant name

  • Staff/Student ID number

  • Applicant Vehicle Registration number

  • Applicant Address

  • Applicant Email address

  • Applicant Contact Phone number

  • Date of Application, approval and expiry

ATU uses this information for the purpose of car park management. Information is also shared, on an anonymous basis where possible, with the National Transport Authority regarding journey details of staff and students.


Contact Details

For parking queries, please email: