Architectural Design


Through a combination of theoretical and practical lectures, this module aims to develop learners' appreciation of the way in which the built environment has evolved over the years. The fabric and structure of typical Irish domestic dwellings will be studied from first principles with comparisons being made between various styles, methodologies and materials. Learners will explore the current Irish planning process and the implications of documents such as the national spatial strategy, urban and rural development guidelines as well as the Irish technical guidance documents. Learners will investigate the properties of various construction materials and will learn to appreciate the importance of material selection in relation to the design and constructing of sustainable domestic dwellings.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss the history of Irish building technology as well as architectural and craft heritage with confidence.

  2. Describe the various stages and aspects associated with the built environment from the design through to the construction of a typical domestic dwelling.

  3. Explore the properties of typical construction materials such as metals, woods, plastics, ceramics and composites and identify where these materials are best employed in the construction of a domestic dwelling.

  4. Investigate and evaluate alternative and modern construction methods and techniques, with an emphasis on Irish domestic dwellings.

  5. Compare and critique the design of domestic dwellings across a range of areas such as building layout, material use, sustainability, environmental impact and construction methods.

  6. Analyse the subject material in order to devise sound pedagogical practices and develop creative strategies to teach construction related topics in a second level school setting.   

  7. Design, construct and confidently discuss physical and digital models of typical domestic dwelling details, in a creative and innovative manner.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%