Art History 2


This module concentrates on works of art from the C18th, Modernist and early Postmodern periods. The lectures aim to introduce the ideologies of each movement as they occurred in the cultural context of action and reaction to previous movements. Texts by contemporary writers who have challenged traditional approaches to the discipline are presented to aid consideration of revised historiography incorporating Post-Marxist, Feminist and Colonial theories. The lectures present a wide range of artists work centring on the European avant-garde and the spread of modern art in America. Field trips to galleries and museums are encouraged and organized for participants. A range of audio visual materials will be presented in the lectures, with adjacent textual resources, links and activities posted on Moodle. The module aims to deepen the students’ understanding of art and their own development as artists.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Write and present clearly articulated, factually supported critical reflections on a topic from the lecture series employing academic methods of research and citation.

  2. Recognise and employ specialist vocabulary relevant to Modern art criticism in their own verbal and written analysis of works of art

  3. Distinguish between modern movements and styles and identify their key characteristic and ideologies.

  4. Be familiar with some important authors of modern Art History and Theory, and how to access appropriate literature and learning resources using GMIT library resources 

  5. Construct a record of engagement with lecture topics in the form of an illustrated record of independent research accompanied by reflective writing supported by references to sources.

% Coursework 100%