Assessment and Feedback


Assessment is one of the key functions of teachers in higher and further education with all lecturers responsible for devising, delivering and monitoring the assessment of any courses they teach, with the support of the external examiners. This module which is practically based and interactive, is aimed at providing knowledge and competencies to enable teachers to become effective assessors. This module explores assessment of, for and as learning and feedback practises. 

This module will review the relevant educational literature on assessment and feedback, allowing the participants to review their practice and redesign assessment and feedback for a specific module/programme. This module also introduces the learners to the critical role of assessment and feedback in programme design.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically review the nature of assessment of, for and as learning in higher education;

  2. Identify how assessment and feedback processes impact student learning;

  3. Design, implement and evaluate an appropriate assessment strategy at module or programme level;

  4. Critique the role of assessment and feedback in programme design;

  5. Evaluate the role of assessment in quality processes in higher education.

% Coursework 100%