Audio/ Video Design and Production


This module allows the student to accquire a deeper understanding of digital audio and video design & production.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have an appreciation of the different types of audio/video presentations.

  2. Understand project requirements and the production process for developing a audio/video portfolio.

  3. Identifying audio/video design considerations and copyright issues .

  4. Demonstrate knowledge of audio/video generating devices, their resulting image types and capabilities, and how to capture resulting footage in an editing application.

  5. Understand the workings of a number of audio/video application packages and hardware considerations

  6. Use audio/video application editing packages to produce a number of audio/video presentations.

  7. Apply special effects to audio video footage.

  8. Design produce and evaluate an audio/video portfolio.

  9. Acquire confidence in their own ability to expand their knowledge of digital audio/video.

% Coursework 100%