Bar and Restaurant Skills and Service


This module facilitates the development of the knowledge and skills required to work in the bar and restaurant industry. The module incorporates practical and theoretical classes to develop the necessary competencies to perform at a professional level in bar and restaurant operations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate with competence and creativity practical skills in bar and restaurant service

  2. Distinguish and be able to apply effective cost control techniques in bar and restaurant service 

  3. Discuss and demonstrate effective communication, interpersonal and customer care skills at a professional level

  4. Illustrate the importance of professional etiquette and teamwork.

  5. Implement and demonstrate appropriate standards of personal hygiene 

  6. Develop a knowledge of licencing laws in Ireland for the sale of alcoholic beverages 

  7. Identify the importance of safe food and beverage practices within a hospitality business 

% Coursework 100%