Blended and Online Learning Transformation (BOLT) Initiative

In May 2020, GMIT launched a Blended and Online Learning Transformation (BOLT) initiative as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic to coordinate GMIT’s move to online learning and to support all areas of the Institute as GMIT moved to deliver all services online.  A BOLT steering group was formed, involving representatives from all areas of the Institute, and was tasked with ensuring a smooth transition to the online environment for all. 

The Teaching and Learning Office worked with the BOLT steering group to develop a BOLT/DigitalEd programme for June and September in 2020 which included delivering a series of online training workshops and webinars, plus a suite of LTA resource guides to support the academic community. 

In conjunction with the BOLT initiative, a GMIT Digital Learning Charter was developed to outline 10 Digital Communication Principles which we seek to uphold in our digital learning environments.  The Charter also provides students with guidelines for Netiquette and outlines the terms and conditions regarding their use of GMIT technology enhanced learning tools and digital learning content. 

Through the BOLT initiative, several graduate student mentors started in GMIT in September 2020, to support students learning remotely. Our graduate student mentors work with each head of department and support the students and troubleshoot challenges they are encountering.  Many of the mentors have worked with student PASS leaders in running weekly PASS sessions