Book Arts


This module explores the book as a structure and medum for expression beyond its' conventional place as carrier of text. It aims to explore the book as a sculptural object in its' own right, as a means of presenting images and as a means for presenting ideas. Students will be introduced to various traditional book binding techniques as well as less orthodox methods. How the format of the book has been used in contemporary art practice will be examined and discussed.


Learning Outcomes

  1. On completion of this module students will have aquired basic skills in book binding

  2. Learners will have demonstrated knowledge and understanding at the forefront of the rapidly changing field of book-works.

  3. They will have applied their knowledge, understanding and problem-solving abilities across a range of contexts, many of which will be new or unfamiliar to them, ranging from experimentation with type, digital and print media to theoretical developments in the field.

  4. They will have demonstrated an ability to integrate knowledge, handle complexity and formulate judgements while exploring and developing new and emerging techniques.

% Coursework 100%