Botany and Zoology II


This module involves the study of aquatic members of the Kingdom Plantae and Animalia. Morphological characteristics, biology, life history strategies and evolutionary trends will be studied at a theoretical and practical level. Adaptive radiation, environmental adaptations and ecological roles of aquatic organisms will form an integral part of the module.

Sustainable development topics referenced within the module include: Clean Water and Sanitation; Life Below Water; and Life On Land.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the range of forms and function of the aquatic members of the Kingdom Plantae and Animalia

  2. Explain the evolutionary trends in morphology and life cycles in the groups studied

  3. Prepare a range of biological material for microscopic and macroscopic examination and dissection

  4. Identify and illustrate the characteristics by which these organisms are classified and use dichotomous keys to identify a range of organisms

% Coursework 100%