Building Information Modelling Virtual Modelling Fundamentals (Core)


The use of BIM authoring software to produce a building information model to a professional standard. Emphasis will be placed on the accurate construction of the model to enable accurate information to be extracted from it.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Construct virtual models from a variety of disciplines using BIM authoring software.

  2. Apply the principles of BIM and its application to the design, construction and use of a building.

  3. Produce detailed drawings, designs and other information to a professional standard within a BIM environment.

  4. Show the ability to work effectively as an individual and in a team setting, to coordinate and produce documentation for a variety of construction projects.

  5. Express an understanding of the basic theoretical principles underpinning BIM and the BIM process

  6. Develop a high-level understanding of the legal issues, regulations and regulatory environments as they apply to BIM and BIM processes.

% Coursework 100%