Building Services and Technology


In this module, learners will examine the design and integration of various service and control technologies typically found within domestic buildings in Ireland. This will include a study of the most up-to-date (including alternative) construction methods. Additionally, the module will explore the design, analysis and selection of various building materials as well as issues relating to planning for sustainability, the structure of the construction industry, safety in the construction industry as well as broader construction issues. Through theoretical and practical studies, this module will introduce learners to the subject matter in a hands-on, practically applied and interesting manner.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Be capable of formulating a cogent critique of the various services and environmental control technologies typically incorporated into the construction of a modern domestic dwelling.

  2. Be proficient with the interpretation and application of industry standard regulations and formulae in the solving of problems associated with heat, light, air and sound calculations in domestic dwellings.

  3. Confidently interpret, discuss and draw conclusions from such calculations to allow for the informed design, selection and installation of suitable environmental control systems within domestic dwellings.

  4. Research and confidently critique new developments in the area of sustainability in the construction industry and determine how this information may be applied professionally.

  5. Analyse the topic of domestic building services in the context of establishing the best pedagogical practice and developing highly creative strategies to teach the material in a second level school setting.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%