Built Environment Research


This module will provide students with the required knowledge and understanding of the theoretical foundations of research design, research methodologies and methods of data collection to develop their research skills and prepare them to undertake an appropriate research project on a building regulations related topic.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive and systematic understanding of evolving applied work-based research paradigms, methodologies, and methods, which are applicable within a built environment setting.

  2. Analyse and critically evaluate published literature on a building regulations related research topic.

  3. Identify, evaluate and address ethical issues related to research methodologies and design in the built environment.

  4. Demonstrate the principles of validity and reliability in data analysis in research work.

  5. Develop an appropriate research design, and communicate how the research project is situated within academic and professional debates in the relevant field.

  6. Critically evaluate different communication tools to translate and present applied work-based research findings to different audiences.

% Coursework 100%