Built Environment Thesis


This module follows on from the module entitled 'Built Environment Research'. This is the capstone module for the MSc in the Built Environment Regulations. Candidates will be invited to conduct research to a master's degree level in a topic area of their choosing, within the broad field of the Built Environment Regulations.

Candidates will learn through their research journey the skills required to write a mini-thesis (15,000 words) and an academic paper (7,000 words) from the same research design, with a research supervisor appointed to each learner. Candidates will be encouraged to present their research at various stages through circle meetings with lecturing staff and their peers while also participating and sharing their research in workshops scheduled throughout the semester.

Candidates will be encouraged to present their research findings at an external and/or internal conference. Subsequently, conference research papers which reach a sufficiently high academic standard will be invited to contribute to a peer-reviewed GMIT journal appropriate for the Built Environment.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically evaluate current problems and new insights at the forefront of the built environment regulations.

  2. Conduct searches of literature and consult and critically use databases and other sources of information to pursue detailed investigations of an unfamiliar problem.

  3. Demonstrate problem-solving and reflective critical thinking in dialogue with the literature and apply ethically appropriate primary and secondary research data collection methodologies to a chosen topic. 

  4. Design and conduct investigations, experiments and simulations, to analyse and interpret data, and draw conclusions using the principles of validity and reliability in the data analysis.

  5. Contribute to the development of scientific/technological knowledge in one or more areas of the built environment regulations.

  6. Write a mini-thesis and a technical paper, and synthesise one’s own work and that of others in the academic field.

  7. Disseminate and debate built environment regulation research among peers.

% Coursework 100%