Business Environment


This module aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of how economies and markets operate and the role played by a business in those environments. The module presents the Learner with the challenges to be faced in successfully managing any business or organisation in those contexts.

The study of the furniture industry,in preparation for the Learner's placement in Year 3 of their Programme, provides one specialised area of focus for the Learner in examining its structure, composition and significance to Irish society and the Irish economy.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify, describe and illustrate the elements, structure and organisation of the Irish economy.

  2. Identify, discuss and evaluate the role and significance of the wider furniture industry on Irish society and the Irish economy.

  3. State and evaluate the influences of relevant regulatory and legislative influences on the management of a business with particular reference to the management of staff and transacting business.

  4. Perform an asssessment and report on the market potential, costing and pricing of a specified job or product.

% Coursework 100%