Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


The purpose of the module is to give students a grounding in ethical reasoning & reflection, ethical principles, and ethical application.

The module enables students to have an awareness of their own (inherited) ethical stances and value systems, and introduces them to the practice of formal ethical thinking.  It proceeds, then, to examinations of the development of Western ethical theory and of business ethics. In light of this grounding contextualisation, the module presents the main ethical approaches in the Western tradition, exploring their application to business functions and in business contexts in a globalised world.

The module aims to give students an awareness of corporate behaviour and the purpose of corporate governance in directing and controlling this behaviour. Students will appreciate the influences that affect ethical decision making and identify the factors that support professionalism in business.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Reflect upon, and gain deeper awareness of, ethical contexts, inheritances, and legacies (personal and historical).

  2. Differentiate between, and discuss, the predominant ethical frameworks in the Western tradition.

  3. Integrate ethical principles and frameworks into fundamental business functions and contexts.

  4. Explain the necessity of good corporate governance and the relevant approaches and structures.

  5. Describe the impact of corporate governance on organisations and behaviour.

  6. Assess the factors involved in decision making and the characteristics of being a professional.

% Coursework 40%
% Final Exam 60%