Business Law


The aims of this module are to provide an insight into the main features of the Irish legal system and to provide the student with more detailed information about particular aspects of Irish law which are relevant to businesses.  This module will help students to develop an appreciation of the legal implications of business decisions and relationships and will assist in the understanding of the European dimension to Irish law in the light of EC/EU membership and its dynamic nature.

This module is also designed to meet the standards of professional accounting examinations and the indicative syllabus content reflects this.

Learning Outcomes

  1. recognise the fundamental principles of the Irish legal system and be aware of the key principles of Irish law as they apply in a business context.

  2. explain the concept and impact of the law of the European Union on Irish law.

  3. interpret the role and impact of the law of obligations in a business environment.

  4. recognise the importance of the law of tort and professional negligence in a business context.

  5. recognise and review the importance of employment law in a business environment.

  6. demonstrate the ability to exercise judgement in arriving at informed decisions on complex legal problems and relate these to functional business areas or the entity as a whole and display the ability to contrast, criticise, choose, distinguish, and apply appropriate and emerging techniques to the analysis and interpretation of information in line with ethical and regulatory standards.

  7. present and defend material that articulates ideas, positions and insights in the field of business law.

% Coursework 20%
% Final Exam 80%