Business Law


The aims of this module are to provide an insight into the main features of the Irish legal system; to supply more detailed information about particular aspects of Irish law which are of relevance to businesses; to develop an appreciation of the legal implications of business decisions and relationships; to develop understanding of the European dimension to Irish law in the light of EC/EU membership and its dynamic nature.

Learning Outcomes

  1. A fundamental knowledge of the principles of the Irish legal system and its connection with EC/EU membership.

  2. The ability to interpret the key principles of Irish law as they apply in the business context.

  3. The ability to interpret the role and impact of contract law and tort law in the business context.

  4. The ability to recognise the relevance of employment law and data protection laws in the business environment.

  5. Develop an ability to make decisions about the application of legal principles to problem situations.

  6. Demonstrate an ability to find, analyse and apply relevant materials.

  7. The ability to solve problems with reference to case law and legislation.

% Coursework 20%
% Final Exam 80%