Business Models and Emerging Technologies


With digitisation, the world of work is changing at an unprecedented pace.

The companies set to thrive in the new landscape are those that excel in the application of digital tools and processes. Successful businesses are already modernising their environments, extracting more value from their data and technology, deepening their understanding of their customers, innovating faster, and migrating their operations to the cloud – all to become more competitive. High-level executives agree that the world of business is also changing. As a result, their business models, philosophies must evolve to consider customer focus, continual innovation, and agility. The dynamics of the market and the speed at which existing practices are becoming obsolete—and innovative alternatives are entering—have caused an unprecedented need and opportunity for business and operating model innovation, in order to maintain and grow profitably.

This module will demonstrate to learners that to succeed in today’s environment, organisations need to improve their ability to capture and analyse an immense amount of data to develop timely customer, competitive, and operational insights. They need to embed innovation within their core business to continually develop new ways of creating and delivering value to customers in the most cost-effective way. And finally, they must use the latest technologies as business innovation enablers and create an agile culture, organisation, and asset base to thrive in an environment of change.

This module will also analyse how business and non-business professions work today and explores what work will look like tomorrow. It will also demonstrate how industries will collaborate with each other to prepare for tomorrow's world.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically appraise the contribution that business models and emerging technologies can play in transforming, creating, and sustaining an agile workforce, and prepare for a post COVID future. 

  2. Evaluate the significant contribution that business models and emerging technologies can play in the design and implementation of an organisation's strategic plan.

  3. Examine contemporary developments in business models and emerging technologies, complete the research and communicate the findings.

  4. Analyse how new agile business models, disruptive technologies and innovations can prepare leaders for tomorrows world.

  5. Apply experience in group work from prior learning, to foster and nurture team-working.

  6. Critically demonstrate how digital transformation is enabling key business outcomes for the workforce.

  7. Reflect how the use of business models and emerging technologies can create strategic value for an organisation.

% Coursework 100%