Business Strategy and IS


Business and IS Strategy involves understanding the internal and external driven activities of a business. Strategy encompasses a range of analysis models and tool around the business to gather its market position, help identify potential business options and development an approach as to how to implement a suitable choice, this is to complete the analysis choice and implementation phases of a corporate/business and/or functional strategy. The module will also focus on the development and alignment of the IT Strategy for a business in order to support its competitive position and add competitive advantage.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the impact of strategy management and planning approaches and the process to formulate the business strategy. 

  2. Explain the range of analytical tools to analyse a company's external and internal environment, options, choices, implementation and control

  3. Determine a range of strategic options open to a company at the corporate and business unit level.

  4. Identify and apply the range of tools for strategic analysis and propose appropriate strategic options and make recommendations.

  5. Identify the key elements of strategy implementation and appraise a company's efforts in strategy implementation.

  6. Identify and analyse the influences and pre-planning required for an IS Strategy, recognising the various elements of IT/IS/IM and models required to formulate an aligned IS Strategy.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%