Classical and Contemporary Cuisine


This module is designed to give learners the opportunity to develop specialist expertise and creative ability in the areas of classical and contemporary cuisine. It will enable the learner to compare and contrast classical and contemporary styles of food production and analyse the current trends within the culinary environment. Students will build on their knowledge of cookery developed in the first three semesters and structured periods of placement. This module challenges students to explore through research and practical application aspects of the original dish while making it indicative of their own culinary style.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Produce a range of classical and contemporary products.

  2. Evaluate the effect of modern trends on style, preparation and presentation of contemporary cuisine.

  3. Analyse current market trends and design modern and innovative products to meet these trends.

  4. Prepare and present dishes with relevant accompaniments, incorporating a range of presentation styles both classical and modern in a safe working environment.

  5. Evaluate the cost factors involved in the production of innovative dishes