Clay Portrait Head, Moulding and Casting


Three dimensional portraiture. This is an elective module where students will create an anatomically correct clay study from a life model from which they will then make a mould from and then cast a plaster positive. On completion of this elective the student will have knowledge of portrait anatomy, clay manipulation,two piece plaster waste moulding and casting a three dimensional work in plaster. On completion of this elective the student will present a life size three dimensional plaster portrait.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Research the portrait in both a historical and contemporary context. Formulate a notebook to illustrate a selection of styles, approaches and techniques.

  2. Develop strong critical observational skills and apply them to three dimensional clay form.Take anatomical measurements from a life model and apply to clay form.

  3. Formulate an understanding of the interpretation of surface form and the ability to technically manipulate clay.

  4. Demonstrate a technically ability to manipulate plaster. Undertake the process of two piece plaster waste mould. Patinate finished head.

  5. Contextually and conceptually understand the portrait in contemporary art practice.

  6. Excercise a comprehension of relevant health and safety and proper workshop practice in relation to the handling and use of clay and plaster.

% Coursework 100%