Clay Portrait Head, Moulding and Casting


Three-dimensional portraiture. This is an elective module where students will create an anatomically correct  life-size  clay study from a life model and participate in and undertake group critiques, research, discussions and lectures on the human in contemporary art practice. On completion of this elective the student will have knowledge of portrait anatomy, clay manipulation and an understanding of how the human is referenced in various disciplines in contemporary art practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Research the use of the human in both a historical and contemporary art context and participate in group discussions and undertake  presentations of research findings.

  2. Develop strong critical observational skills and applied artistic anatomy apply them to three-dimensional clay representation of a human head.Take anatomical measurements from a life model and apply to clay form.

  3. Formulate an understanding of the interpretation of surface form and the ability to technically manipulate clay.

  4. Contextually and conceptually understand the use of the portrait in contemporary art practice

  5. Exercise a comprehension of relevant health and safety and proper workshop practice in relation to the handling and use of clay.

% Coursework 100%