Clinical Nutrition


A detailed study of the nutrition theory and practice within a clinical setting. This module will introduce the theory and practice of diet modification to prevent and treat non-communicable diseases, together with nutritional support for patients with chronic and acute illness. The general principles and processes that underlie most clinical cases will be outlined. Case studies will be sued extensively throughout the module to familiarise students with real life scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss in detail the aetiology and the role of nutrition and diet in the development, prevention and treatment of common nutrition-related diseases.

  2. Demonstrate a detailed understanding for the modification of nutritional requirements and therefore food intake in the treatment of nutrition-related diseases.

  3. Discuss the principles of nutrition support and evaluate the nutritional screening tools available for the screening of malnutrition in various populations and clinical groups.

  4. Understand the need for evidence-based practice and demonstrate an understanding of medical ethics.

  5. Plan, calculate and prepare diets that meet the nutritional requirements of individuals with common nutrition-related diseases.

  6. Interpret biochemical, anthropometric, nutritional, clinical and dietary data to determine nutritional status of individuals.

  7. Critically review scientific evidence that supports the role of diet in disease aetiology and the nutritional management of chronic diseases.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%