Clinical Practice Placement


This module aims to enhance the learners knowledge, skills and competencies in palliative and end of life care within the context of malignant and non-malignant conditions, across the lifespan. .

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and achieve learning objectives appropriate to palliative care competences.

  2. Bridge the theory practice gap by developing competence in applying the principles of palliative care to the assessment, diagnosis, planning, management, and evaluation of care.

  3. Observe and critique interdisciplinary team functioning, roles, and dynamics.

  4. Evaluate evidence-based guidelines, policies and tools that inform practice, and disseminate learning to colleagues and peers.

  5. Critically appraise approaches to and levels of palliative care.

  6. Exhibit creativity and effective communication skills in the co-ordination of palliative care / palliative care approach.

  7. Demonstrate sensitivity to the cultural and personal wishes of individuals with life limiting conditions and their families and promote dignity, respect and compassion to individuals with palliative care needs, within the context of psychosocial care.

  8. Involve individuals with palliative care needs (and where appropriate, significant others) in the planning, delivery and evaluation of care / services.

  9. Critically understand the concept of resilience and self care cultures and actively actively engage in self care and resilience practices.

  10. Practice safely, ethically and legally within the boundaries of the disciplinary roles and without the need for undue supervision.