Coaching Children and Youths


This module will introduce students to the specific coaching considerations when dealing with children and youth populations. The aims of the module include to develop an understanding for the enhancement of locomotor skills and manipulative skills in the context of youth coaching, understanding coaching behaviour and youth achievement goal theory and to consider the safety and ethical requirements when working with these population groups. The module will seek to relate the importance of fundamental fitness before sport specific training. This module will also introduce students to aquatics.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) in the context of locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills that are central to most games and sports.

  2. Plan screening and assessment procedures to assess proficiency in movement skills and aquatics that reflect child and youth growth and development.

  3. Effectively employ an analysis to assess the role of the coach in the various developmental stages of child and youth athletes.

  4. Plan and prepare a long term athlete development (LTAD) programme for a chosen sport.

% Coursework 100%