Communication and Professional Development


This module is designed to equip the learner with personal and professional communication skills in order to effectively create and share accurate information in a sensitive manner to co-workers, colleagues and customers. The learner will undertake an industry work placement in a professional working environment for 400 hours. The placement programme will enable the learner to develop an awareness of the working environment and to utilise theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained in their studies. 

The module combines a course start and end workshop, weekly online learning through videos and discussions groups and a high level of self-learning. Time allocation is given for the online delivery as well as support and monitoring of the learning.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply the skills necessary for the successful practice of written, oral and non-verbal communication within a professional context;

  2. Recognise how his / her interpersonal skills and professionalism are perceived by and impact upon customers and colleagues, focusing on teamwork and usage of problem solving techniques / negotiation skills;

  3. Determine the crucial elements of working within culturally diverse and inclusive settings and demonstrate an appreciation of conflict management skills;

  4. Recognise importance of teamwork as part of a total quality management approach to improve quality and performance to meet customer needs and expectations

  5. Identify how work is planned and organised at different levels within the organisation;

  6. Contribute effectively to the business organisation, working professionally at a level commensurate with fulltime employment in a first post;

  7. Critically reflect upon his/her own application of theoretical knowledge and practical skills based on personal performance during the professional work placement.
% Coursework 100%