Community Cultural Development


The module aims to address fundamental questions about cultural democracy and human rights,

with a particular focus on strategies to develop cultural literacy and cultural capital. It aims to

develop a theoretical exploration of the aesthetic and ethical issues that arise in community-based cultural activity. It further aims to provide the student with an understanding of community, of models of development, and how contemporary art practice occurs within community settings and can impact on the nature of that community as well as being informed by that community itself. The module will address and explore the contemporary debate on sustainability and will situate an understanding of community as part of the inter-relationship of social, cultural, environmental and psychological factors as key determinants of human well-being.


It should provide students with a context for subsequent learning, enhance their power of

independent judgement, enrich their perspectives on human society and encourage reflection on the

interface of culture, human rights and community development

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a deeper and broader knowledge and understanding of culture, cultural literacy, cultural capital, cultural rights and cultural democracy.

  2. Have an introductory understanding of community and communitarianism, of the concept of civic society and of the principles of community development.

  3. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the link between the environment and human well-being.

  4. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the concept of sustainability.

  5. Have a thorough familiarity with contemporary debates on art and sustainability.

  6. Have an ability to relate issues of social well-being and sustainability to their own professional and personal lives.

% Coursework 100%