Computer Aided Design 1


This module aims to introduce the learner to 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Data Management (Costing) and their associated underlying principles. The module will employ industry standard software and will stress the value of computer-based visual and product data to professional designers and makers. Further emphasis will be placed on the use of these tools to generate professional standard working drawings, bills of materials and digital prototypes.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recall and define the various Computer Aided Design (CAD) terminology, as applied to the furniture and wood product's industry.

  2. Use 2D CAD software as a means of demonstrating competence with fundamental drawing projection and design communication principles.

  3. Create professional quality industry standard working drawings (including all relevant accompanying product data) in a professional format and in accordance with relevant international standards and best practice.

  4. Employ the use of appropriate software packages to generate 3D digital representations of various artefacts.

  5. Describe and demonstrate the various digital workflows involved in a typical furniture and wood products industry project.

% Coursework 100%