Construction Technology and Building Services


This module introduces learners to the materials, methods and technologies involved in the design and construction of residential buildings using traditional masonry cavity walls and timber framed construction. All stages of construction are dealt with from foundations up to roof level along with drainage, wastewater treatment, access and planning. There is a particular emphasis on sustainable methods of construction.

The Building Services Hour will introduce the student to the basics of water, space heating and electrical power services for buildings, but services design will only be covered insofar as it is necessary for safety awareness.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe all stages in the construction of a traditional masonry cavity wall and a timber framed domestic dwelling.

  2. Describe and Sketch typical construction details in the design of a domestic dwelling for nZEB and all relevant Building Regulation compliance.

  3. Assess building construction details for compliance with the Building Regulations, TGD, Parts A - F, H, L and M.

  4. Understand the concepts fundamental to mains water, cold water, hot water and waste water services.

  5. Understand the concepts fundamental to LPHW space heating services.

  6.  Understand  basic electrical theory and installation. .

  7. Be Aware of the relevant health and safety considerations of the above services.

% Coursework 50%
% Final Exam 50%