Contemporary Art Practices Core Visual Studies 1


Core Visual Studies is the introductory module to the basic aspects of practical visual education. Visual

awareness, basic skills acquisition and contextual relevance are the fundamentals on which the programme is

built. Learners engage in a curriculum involving lectures, workshops, seminars, tutorials and studio projects.

The learner develops an appropriate awareness of the formal elements of the creative processes. They acquire

a basic skill set which equips them with the knowledge and competency to engage with the visual world in a meaningful and sustainable fashion. These learning experiences contribute to the development of a basic

critical awareness and ability to operate in a personally motivated manner.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply a basic visual vocabulary which facilitates critical analysis of contemporary art practice and its historical basis.

  2. Display competency in the application of the elements and principles of art.

  3. Apply good working practices and general knowledge of health and safety issues and time management.

  4. Interact effectively through visual and verbal communication skills.

  5. Have developed language through which they can critically engage with their own work and that of others.

% Coursework 100%