Contemporary Art Theory 2


Contemporary Art Theory 2 aims to develop independent research, writing, communication and presentation skills. The focus of the course will be to encourage active participation in critical discourse. Learners will experience a blend of classroom and electronic learning environments delivered through seminars and workshops, with adjacent resources and activities on Moodle. The focus of this module is the production of an extended essay based on independent research. The module has three main elements: Taught workshops on research methodology, essay writing, editing and presentation;Independent student research and writing of essays;Student Seminar presentations based on written work and studio practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify clearly a topic for investigation within the field of the visual arts

  2. Develop analytical and critical skills through the consideration of literary and visual sources.

  3. Construct a considered argument, with relevant evidence in support of the case being made whilst taking into account the broader issues.

  4. Submit an academic document including standard methods of citation and bibliography.

  5. Identify what questions can be asked about contemporary art practice and what conclusions can be drawn in resolving these questions.

  6. Consolidate their verbal and written skills to enable a clear expression of ideas, practices and debates through seminar presentation to peers.

% Coursework 100%