Contemporary Design Theory


Work Based Learners will participate in a seminar series which will develop their theoretical knowledge, writing and presentation skills, while offering them the opportunity to apply this to active learning situations.

There will be an emphasis on preparing for independent research with a focus on methodologies that can be applied towards an Extended Essay for level 7 or onwards to a level 8 dissertation if they choose to progress to the Higher level BA stage.

The Seminar Series will commence with workshops delivered that respond to current trends in design theory, practice and research.

Learners may present topics based on their experiential learning while completing their professional practice and projects module.

Delivery will be fully online to accommodate remote placement of learners throughout the year. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate ability to source and critically review published literature on design theory and case studies, themes and issues in contemporary design.

  2. Synthesise a review of literature with their own critical thinking in a written essay fully supported with academic referencing and illustrations

  3. Deliver a Seminar Presentation of their research to peers using current online presentation tools. Actively engage peers in discussion and participate and contribute to dialogue during peer seminar presentations

  4. Bring previous knowledge of design history and theory to the analysis of the consequences and impact of historic practices on contemporary design solutions

  5. Source innovative international case studies of contemporary design that exemplify current theories and best practice

  6. Contribute to group discourse in the online space in which the seminar series is delivered and present both written and presentation content in an e-portfolio along with other modules from level 7.

% Coursework 100%