Contemporary Issues and Advances in Sport coaching


This module enables learners to explore current issues in sport coaching as well as developments in coaching practice and techniques. The issues selected will be chosen each year to ensure the topics remain pertinent. The module aims to provide students with a critical awareness of applied contemporary issues. The module will focus on underpinning principles of key coaching topics and developments in coaching practice. Students will be encouraged to make constructive, evidence based, practical recommendations following debate.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically evaluate a range of contemporary issues in research and practice in sports coaching.

  2. Explain the theoretical perspectives related to a selection of contemporary sport coaching practices.

  3. Justify arguments in debating the implications of contemporary issues from an applied perspective.

  4. Effectively communicate reasoned argument on a range of contemporary issues through verbal means.

  5. Analyse and interpret the applied sport coaching literature using an evidence based approach.

% Coursework 100%