Contemporary Issues in Sport and Exercise Science


Many key issues in the world today are potentially influenced by sport and exercise. Furthermore, sport and exercise have the potential to positively impact on contemporary issues nationally and internationally. This module enables learners to explore the history of sport, the key issues in modern Irish and UK sport and the factors that prevent sport and exercise participation. The content of the module will include key issues from the perspective of the principle sport and exercise science disciplines. The issues selected will be chosen each year to ensure the topics remain pertinent. The module aims to provide students with a critical awareness of applied contemporary issues. The module will focus on underpinning principles of key sport and exercise topics. Students will examine a number of topics from a range of sport and exercise disciplines thereby enhancing their depth and breadth of knowledge in the area. Students will be encouraged to make constructive, evidence based, practical recommendations following debate.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically evaluate a range of contemporary issues in research and practice in the sport and exercise area.

  2. Explain the theoretical perspectives related to a selection of contemporary sport and exercise topics.

  3. Justify arguments in debating the implications of contemporary issues from an applied perspective.

  4. Effectively communicate reasoned argument on a range of contemporary issues through verbal means.

  5. Critically review applied contemporary issues for a selection of key sport and exercise topics.

  6. Analyse and interpret the scientific literature using an evidence based approach.

% Coursework 100%