Contemporary Practice


This module provides the learner with the opportunity to place their practice within the contemporary sector and understand specific routes to market. Learners will become aware of opportunities in the field in order to make informed career decisions. Learners will gain a better understanding of time management, product pricing, marketing, and selling methods, putting the skills and knowledge acquired in place by interacting with gallery owners/ retailers in an informed and professional manner.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate broad and well-informed research, drawing on academic references of relevant historical and contemporary makers in a related discipline. 

  2. Discuss and contextualise the correlation between social, cultural, political, and ethical considerations within the context of art, design, and craft practice.

  3. Construct and develop a distinct analytical and critical position about current issues relevant to the ceramics or jewellery industries.

  4. Illustrate a critical understanding of the different means of marketing craft, and the interdependent relationship between design, production, marketing channels/platforms, sales, pricing, and product positioning.

  5. Identify the correct positioning, sales and marketing requirements of their own work, and demonstrate selectivity in presenting themselves and their work in relevant professional situations (e.g., retail shops, galleries, trade shows).

% Coursework 100%