Corporate and Business Law


The aims of this module are to provide an insight into the main features of the Irish legal system and to provide the student with more detailed information about particular aspects of Irish and EU law which are relevant to businesses and corporate law. This module will help students to develop an appreciation of the legal implications of business and corporate structures and relationships and will assist in the understanding of the corporate legal structure in business. This module is also designed to meet the standards of professional accounting examinations and the indicative syllabus content reflects this.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the main sources of Irish law and the Constitution, distinguishing between the concepts of criminal and civil law, and the structure of Irish judicial system.

  2.  Interpret and apply the role and impact of contract law, tort law, employment law and data protection law in a business context.

  3. Understand and discuss different types of corporate bodies such as the sole trader, partnership, and the incorporated company, being able to explain how they operate in Irish law, referencing the separate legal personality and when the corporate veil will be lifted.

  4. Outline the significant issues arising within a company including the issue of shares and loan capital, the roles and duties of company officers and the major forms of insolvency.

  5. Develop an ability to solve problems with reference to case law and legislation, using critical analysis and reflection, interpretation and judgement.

  6. Demonstrate an ability to research, analyse and apply relevant materials to legal questions and to use participatory learning techniques to engage in systematic thinking, active learning, and presentation.

% Coursework 20%
% Final Exam 80%