Creative Disciplines - Art and Design (2)


This module will introduce learners to creative disciplines and pedagogical requirements focusing on the Junior Cycle Visual Art programme. Learners obtain practical skills though making and experimenting in 2D media – emphasis is placed on drawing, painting, printmaking and photography. Learners also develop and hone pedagogical methods and relevant teaching strategies in relation to the Junior Cycle. They shape and construct learning resources/exemplars to be applied in the classroom. Throughout the module the skills the learners acquire are mapped and integrated with the five core elements and learning specifications which relate to Visual Art at Junior Cycle.    

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of materials, skills and techniques involved in two dimensional image making with respect to Drawing, Painting, Photography and Printmaking. 

  2. Display visual and pedagogical enquiry, studio and classroom experimentation and creativity by gathering and delivering responses to a range of set briefs.

  3. Articulate and synthesise ideas and critical concepts within peer critiques and through active learning.

  4. Demonstrate teaching strategies related to the Junior Cycle Visual Art.

  5. Understand and carry out good workshop practice with an awareness of health and safety issues pertaining to studio, workshop and classroom.

% Coursework 100%