Creative Disciplines - Art and Design (4)


This module will introduce learners to more advanced textile techniques and processes pertaining to print, embroidery, and constructed textiles. Learners will apply their visual research to generate textile sampling and prototypes for fashion, wearable art or interiors.  

The module provides the learner with the methodologies, skills, and context to realise design outcomes using textile applications while engaging with core elements, strands and learning outcomes relevant to junior cycle Visual Art and Leaving Certificate Art curricula. It builds on practical skills, making and experimentation in previous art and design studio practices. Learners are trained in the application of this specialism to the classroom and design and develop learning resources. Learners demonstrate an integration of theory and practice and critical reflection. 

Learners will also recognise and engage with the five key skills central to teaching and learning of the senior cycle curriculum which are embedded throughout the module. 




Learning Outcomes

  1. Conduct visual research and explore design concepts to build a body of learning resources applicable to post primary art specifications and Leaving Certificate Art. 

  2. Respond to and interpret a design brief in an original and creative way, through engagement in workshops, tutorials, peer discussions and critical reflection.

  3. Demonstrate an understanding and critical awareness of visual culture in the context of historical and contemporary designers. 

  4. Engage in independent and collaborative learning through peer critiques demonstrating visual enquiry, creativity and problem solving. 

  5. Present a body of work in the learner's Teaching and Learning Professional ePortfolio reflecting design skills and technical processes in the creative discipline of textiles

% Coursework 100%