Creativity in Social Care


This module examines the role and application of creativity in social care practice. In particular, it addresses the utility of creative approaches to social care using visual arts, music, dance and movement, drama and storytelling.

This module maps to the CORU Standards of Proficiency below:

Proficiencies 1.6, 1.8,1.23, 5.16, 5.19.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the creative process

  2. Apply specific creative tools to social care practice and understand the role of creative and recreational interventions in social care work (Proficiency 5.16).

  3. Identify how the creative arts promote the holistic development of the person (Proficiency 5.19)

  4. Justify how the creative arts can be used for critical reflection and insight into the personal and social worlds (Proficiencies 1.6, 1.8,1.23, 5.19)

  5. Debate the value of process over product and examine the intrinsic merit of arts such as music, dance and movement, visual art, drama and storytelling

% Coursework 100%