Critical Thinking and Decision Making


The overall aim of this module is to develop students’ understanding of and capacity for critical thinking, creative thinking and problem-solving. The module is focused on creating the ability to deduce and interpret information, recognize assumptions, draw inferences, evaluate arguments, exercise critical judgment in decision making and generate an active open-minded thinker. The module seeks to create a critical awareness of the fallacies in arguments and the cognitive biases in decision making.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of critical thinking as used in a range of contexts ;

  2. Integrate models of decision making with the organisational context;

  3. Analyse information and arguments in complex situations;

  4. Recognise behavioural biases in thinking and decision making;

  5. Illustrate the use of creative thinking techniques in problem solving;

  6. Analyse risk and perceptions of risk in decision making under uncertainty;

  7. Appraise value conflicts in decision making.

% Coursework 100%