Curation and Contemporary Art


This module explores the role of curation and the demands of the contemporary art exhibition. It uses Tulca Festival of Visual Arts as a major resource in which students can examine these issues.


There are two strands to this module.

First, the module looks at current debates around the curation of contemporary art by examining key written sources and case studies.

Secondly, learner teams explore these issues through practical curatorial and educational projects. Learners will take on the role of the curator and/or teacher and occupy the space between artist and audience by organising an exhibition and/or art project.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To introduce learners to current debates around curation and contemporary art

  2. To situate such debates within a wider historical and cultural context

  3. To introduce a variety of exhibition contexts (from Tulca, to Frieze Art Fair, to the Venice Biennale and Documenta).

  4. For learners to work in curatorial groups and develop a themed exhibition, set-up and to introduce the exhibition.

  5. For learner teams to undertake various projects within Tulca Festival of Visual Arts

  6. To produce a critical essay relating key themes in curation to the practical experience of organizing and presenting an exhibition/project involvement

  7. To gain a rounded and considered understanding of the role of the curator in contemporary museum and gallery culture.

% Coursework 100%