Current Research in Sport, Exercise and Nutrition


This module has been designed to provide students with the skills to evaluate current research and to provide them with the opportunity to review and referee published research papers in specific areas of study at the forefront of research in sport, exercise and nutrition. It will ask students to discuss complex and potentially contradictory research findings and to write critiques of this research.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Detail the scientific background and current consensus of opinion in a selected area of research in sport, exercise or nutrition.

  2. Identify the major sources of scientific literature in a systemic way in order to collect information in a selected topic.

  3. Critically evaluate the scientific evidence underpinning a selected area of research in sport, exercise or nutrition.

  4. Formulate an opinion based on a critical review of the existing evidence for a specific topic in sport, exercise or nutrition research.

  5. Engage in critical discussions on scientific topics and competently communicate scientific knowledge and understanding in oral and written formats.

  6. Critically evaluate research papers, their merits, disadvantages as well as foreseeing where the research area needs to progress to in the future.

% Coursework 100%