Data Analysis using R and RStudio


The powerful, free and open-source R statistical environment is becoming the statistical tool of choice for increasing numbers of scientists. Students on this course will learn how to easily import their data into R, and how to then manage, manipulate, explore, graph and statistically analyse their data using R and RStudio (a free software application with a more user-friendly interface for working in R). They will also learn how to select appropriate statistical models for their data, and how to design and write basic programs in the R language.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to effectively manage, manipulate and explore data in R

  2. Select the most appropriate statistical model for their data

  3. Analyse different types of data in R using basic and advanced statistical models

  4. Create and customise graphs in R that are appropriate for their data

  5. Design and write programs in R

% Coursework 100%