Data Modelling and Statistics


The module encompasses analysing data, summarising it concisely, modelling it for presentation it and extracting all significant information therefrom. Skills in Interpreting mathematical statements will be imparted. Following an introduction to basic statistics a range of statistical tests will be studied and the best available statistical test(s) will be employed to arrive at decisions based on the data presented. Suitable theoretical models will be proposed to explain observed measurements.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Record, model, present, analyse and interpret experimental data performing logarithmic transformation and regression when appropriate

  2. Suitably manipulate and transform equations in order to simplify the process being described and to extract desired parameters.

  3. Calculate the probability of an event and the expectation from a given distribution

  4. Implement various mathematical and statistical operations, tests and computations for making quantitative decisions about a process or processes.

% Coursework 100%