Database Management


This module aims to explore the management and administration of a large, multi-user database management system. This module is designed for large systems with multiple concurrent users and will focus on management tools and using SQL to control the database. The module will examine the architecture of Database systems exploring background processes, access control, data dictionary, transaction logs and parameter files. The module will also examine how to administer a database system with a focus on developing a security plan for users accounts, passwords, roles and permissions.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Install and configure a multi-user database.

  2. Describe the memory structures, processes and transaction management of a database management system.

  3. Create users and manage security privileges using Structured Query Language (SQL).

  4. Create and manage database objects and storage structures using Structured Query Language (SQL).

  5. Describe the databases recovery structures, processes and procedures.

% Coursework 100%