Design and Drawing Process


This module provides an overview of the basic techniques used in observational and technical drawing skills and theory including gaining an understanding of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD). Learners will practice and demonstrate a number of drawing techniques and exercises using various materials to enhance and establish a high standard of skill and ability to visually communicate ideas from 2D to 3D, record with accuracy from life and develop sensitivity and judgment in the observation of line, balance and form. The CAD element employs currently used industry-standard software and stresses the value of computer based visual data to professional designers and makers, particularly in respect to the speed of producing or updating drawings and to their communication.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Make accurate 2D representations of 3D items using various drawing materials. 

  2. Demonstrate aesthetic judgment in line, balance, proportion, and colour in drawing projects. 

  3. Interpret and communicate accurate production information in the form of technical drawings.

  4. Demonstrate appropriate judgment in selection of drawing styles and materials.

  5. Apply the features of relevant CAD software packages to generate 3D digital models and 2D presentation drawings.

% Coursework 100%