Design Communication


This module will provide learners an opportunity to learn how to communicate their design ideas, talent, and strengths to prospective employers and interested parties through an array of mediums. Learners are introduced to the terminology of digital marketing to equip them with the knowledge to design and evaluate a digital marketing campaign. Central to this module is an understanding of how digital marketing complements, traditional marketing strategy and communications.

It integrates group and individual projects that afford scope for learners to tailor projects set to their needs and interests. Peer and staff feedback are integral parts of this module, and it will allow learners to develop and express informed opinions about design and wider social issues.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Assess, exploit and engage online resources to market yourself and others and increase customer satisfaction and enhance customer relationship management.

  2. Devise, design, layout and produce high quality and professional promotional material.

  3. Integrate innovation, creativity and design thinking in design communication.

  4. Engage, collaborate and contribute as a team member in planning, organising and implementing a design event.

% Coursework 100%