Design Development


The objective of this module is to enable learners to identify a viable and sustainable final year project theme/topic. It requires the systematic interrogation of a self-selected theme/topic and requires the learner to develop clearly identifiable and achievable aims through written, visual and three-dimensional platforms. The final year project is divided into two phases, which aim to provide learners with an opportunity to undertake a substantial, project and take responsibility for a full project life cycle. The project will enable learners to consolidate and further develop their chosen area of study, and integrate knowledge and skills acquired from other modules.

  • Identification of a field of work
  • Generation of core ideas and concepts
  • Review of current work and contemporary practice in the field
  • Selection of a design methodology/process for capstone project
  • Design development of a body of work for public exhibition
  • Evaluation of and design phase prior to commencement of development (phase 2)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate critical judgement in the selection of drawing styles and materials.

  2. Interpret and communicate accurate production information in the form of technical drawings.

  3. Research, develop and design a capstone collection, exploring multiple materials, techniques and finishes.

  4. Demonstrate advanced enquiry, creative understanding, experimentation and design thinking in the development of a body of work.

  5. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the development, testing, and implementation of plans.

% Coursework 100%