Design Elements


Design Elements introduces students to and develops their core skills in the fundamental elements of design; sketching, process, context and creativity. Design Elements aims to collaborate with other modules in the delivery of common assignments. 

Sketching - Students will gain skills in 2D and 3D hand sketching techniques coupled with basic model making skills to aid students in idea generation and problem solving.

Process – Students will learn about the need and use of design process and be able to apply a defined method to help solve design briefs.

Context – Students will be exposed to contextual studies related to historical and contemporary styles, products and design. This will aid them in answering design challenges and inform them of how and why this subject area has developed as well as providing them with an appreciation for the value of design.

Creativity – Through applied projects and group exercises students creative abilities will be developed to help them overcome road blocks in the context of design.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop sketching skills appropriate to the process of design.

  2. Demonstrate an ability to make models as part of the design process.

  3. Create and present basic graphic layouts for presentation.

  4. Evaluate a design brief and apply the design process to generate multiple creative ideas to given design problems.

  5. Demonstrate a knowledge and recognition of design in a historical and contemporary context.

  6. Associate the value that design sustainability plays in society.

% Coursework 100%