Design Elements 2


Design Elements 2 will aid students in improving their design sketching, model making and presentation skills but also ground their ideas, philosophy and vision in an informed space supported by relevant contextual studies linked to applied tasks.

Learners will build on key skills of communicating design through sketching and model making that were developed in Design Elements (Year 1). Learners will focus on the development of enhanced idea generation skills and presentation competencies. Through contextual studies learners will also be able to clearly identify their design philosophy, utilise design elements and principles appropriately and answer why their design is the way it is and who has inspired them.

Through the development of sketching skills, an introduction to photography and digital software for graphic presentation, visual communication, and relevant contextual studies learners will create presentations and promotional material for the products they develop in the Design Prototyping module.

Learners will focus on hard and soft skills' development with a confidence building exercise in presentation techniques supported by the design of self-promotion material.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an ability to gather reference and visual material and to utilise sketches and notes etc. to develop a clearly structured process of ideas development

  2. Apply sketching skills and model making to produce multiple solutions to given briefs

  3. Apply design principles and elements in the creation of design solutions

  4. Illustrate an ability to critically self-evaluate work with reference to contextual studies

  5. Prepare, plan and deliver professional design presentations using appropriate software

  6. Apply graphic design and layout planning to professional self-promtional material

% Coursework 100%