Design in Textiles Studio Practice 6


Learners initiate an individual project, negotiated with staff, in which textiles is studied in relation to the contemporary field of practice within the art and design sector. Conceptually the module is rooted in the methodology of research practice and the exploration of Learners’ ideas through investigation of a selected topic. Learners develop expertise in collating, evaluating and synthesising their core ideas. Teaching and learning ethos combines past and present insights into the subject - drawing on cultural, commercial, social, personal, historical and aesthetic concerns. This module is linked to the Semester 8 Module; ‘Textile Studio-7’ where the application of this research is deployed and the Learners’ own creative concepts for textile art, artefact and/or design are realised.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Determine appropriate solutions to complex planning decisions relevant to learners development and future career goals

  2. Formulate insights to the nature of personal enquiry - resourcing, documenting and collating visual and other material relevant to the stated goals and employ cognitive thinking processes within the field of textile research

  3. Undertake and complete a self-initialised body of research with resourcefulness and effective management skills to a professional level appropriate for independent practice in the field

  4. Exhibit skills in generating ideas and lateral thinking, as they apply to problem solving and project development

  5. Communicate personal attitudes, ideas and research undertakings in the field - employing various formats and in a variety of contexts

  6. Operate best practice in independent learning, time-management issues and the utilization of educational resources and physical facilities

  7. Appraise and evaluate current practice and contemporary practitioners in a regional and international context

  8. Express an awareness of the cultural issues pertaining to textile research within a framework of aesthetic, artistic, and social values

% Coursework 100%